Saturday, February 11, 2017

Dec. 31, 2016- Ringing in the New Year

New Years Eve!
The excitement of starting new is always very fun.  We decided to stay home and just be together as a family.  The kids thought that was very boring but I kinda liked it.
Sid and I took an early snooze while watching tv in bed.
Calvin did what he does best, he played Roblox til midnight.
He loved it!
Kaleigh, Hagen and Dad watched a movie and snacked.

One minute until midnight and we are ready with our noise makers and sparkling cider.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Dec. 29, 2016- Cubscouts at the Zoo

Zoo Day with the cub scouts!
Hagen has great Cub Scout Leaders!  To pass off required items on his belt loop he was able to go to the zoo and have fun as well as learn.
Since it was cool the animals were active and fun to see.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

December 25, 2016- Christmas Day

Christmas day has finally arrived.  These kiddo's woke up around 7 am ready for there stockings and very hopeful that they would be able to stay home from church to open presents. 
Mom made the final decision regarding church and we opened presents and hung out in our pj's all morning.
Sidney opening up her stocking
My cute boys got up and showered so they  could be ready for church.  It was nice to see even though we didn't make it to church.
Kaleigh opening her stocking and sporting her new pj's
Here come the big gifts!
Sidney got a camera
Calvin got the pirate ship he had been wanting.
Hagen got his walkie talkies that he has been asking for.
Kaleigh got an electric blanket (now she can stop stealing mom's)
We had happy kids.  They all loved their gifts.
Sid in her mermaid tail blanket.
Hagen got a cool remote control car.
This little guy was so excited for Santa to come.  He had a ball just looking under the tree.

Sidney got a karaoke machine.  She loves it!
I got a torch.  The only thing I asked for.  I love it and it will get good use at girls camp.
We cleaned up our mess and spent some quality time with the toys we had gotten.  Kaleigh ended up outside shoveling since it had finally snowed and we were now able to enjoy a white Christmas.
Hagen stated putting together his lego's
Sid snuggled up in her mermaid tail on the couch to watch youtube.
We had everyone over for dinner and a fun evening to finish off our Christmas celebrations.

Dec. 24, 2016- Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve with this crazy bunch was awesome.
This year the holiday fell on a weekend.  We didn't have anything planned other than hanging out at home enjoying each others company and making sure the house is clean for Santa.
I asked the kids to pose for a  picture and this is what I got...
Santa had to wait a while for everyone to fall asleep and when it finally happened he stopped by with a stash of gifts for everyone.
Merry Christmas Everyone!

Dec. 23, 2016- Smith Family Christmas Party

We had a fun Smith Family party.  This year Uncle Jacob was in charge and he planned a fun day.
They started at the rec center where to everyone had the option to do whatever they wanted.  I missed the first couple of hours so I didn't very many pix of what everyone did but I did snap this cute pix of these cute girls swimming.
Sarah, Kaleigh, Sidney, and Melissa
We finished at the rec center and went back to the Gillman's house for dinner, chimes and a visit from Santa!
Santa and Hagen
Sidney and Santa
Kaleigh and Santa

Calvin and Santa
These cute boys got lego dimensions from Santa. 
Calvin loves ghost busters and just wanted to go home to play his game.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Dec. 21, 2016- Westmore Christmas Sing

Every year the parents are invited to listen to the kids sing the one Christmas song that they have been practicing for the past month.  The kids also expect mom to show up.  I wouldn't miss it for anything.
Sidney was also chosen to be the pausing to praise student in her class!
She was so nervous but cute about it.

Dec. 11, 2016- Little Christmas Eve Celebrations

I love celebrating my Danish Christmas traditions and being able to show my children how I grew up celebrating.  We had our danish dinner with ham, potatoes, and red cabbage.
Who ever decided to put me in charge of the red cabbage probably didn't realize that I don't do well with instructions.  I read bits and pieces and didn't have time to cook it as long as was needed.  Atleast I know for next year if their is a next time.
I love the ricalamong!  The kids always love looking for the almond.
After dinner we do talents.  My kiddo's sang and Sid played the piano with Ily.
 Ily and Sid
 My cute Calvin!
 Kaleigh sporting her new hair do!
 Calvin, Sidney, Hagen, and Kaleigh with my Aunt Dorte.